A Phoenix rises from the ashes. The spire, clad in sand cast copper panels, emerges from the blackened stainless steel roof supported by flame charred glulam trusses in remembrance of what was and what can become.

The impetus for our design started with the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes. We knew that we wanted to embellish the new spire with a glowing red quality during the day and at night. We approached the spire and roof with the idea of steeping the new design in the history of the fire rather than ignoring it. By embracing the flames that consumed its predecessor, our Pheonix spire sits atop a blackened stainless steel, standing seam roof that is supported by large pitched glulam trusses that have been flame finished, resulting in a charred effect. We feel that this proposal is both aesthetically pleasing, functional, and carries forward the history of the Notre Dame Cathedral into the future.

With all the donations pouring in for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame spire and roof, we find that it is highly important for the country of France, its government, and people, work towards a fiscally responsible design that can be implemented. Simply because a large amount has been donated for the reconstruction, does not mean that all of the monies should go towards this endeavor. Again, that is why we believe our proposal, though ambitious is a fiscally responsible approach to the design while paying homage to its predecessor.

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TJOA - Wood Truss Charred aka ShosugiBan.jpg